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Hey, Loved Ones!

Welcome to Bliss Revealed! I’m Unmani and I teach people like you, who are searching for happiness and a deeper meaning to life, to fall madly in love with themselves and their lives—all without having to change anything else in their life, just themselves.

I know you’re searching for answers to some of life’s most important questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How can I be happy and fulfilled?

And lucky for you, there are ancient wisdom concepts and life-skills, which have been practiced by millions of people over thousands of years, that teach us how to answer those questions, and which I’m so excited to share with you……

Bliss Revealed Unmani Saraswati

Okay, first, the bad news….

Well, you’re here, so you’ve probably already noticed that modern culture is a bit of a letdown.

All the promises of a thriving environment, happy people, and a better world for all through technology, evidence-based science, capitalism or totalitarianism, atheism or strident religion, seem pretty empty at this point and have left you asking, “Is this really the best way? How can I lead a fulfilling life consistent with my values of kindness, love, abundance, and gratitude? Can we change what isn’t working in the world for the benefit of all?

Now, the great news…

1. The answer is: yes, we can change the world, together, by becoming blissful.

2. And this means you’re in the right place, because as Bliss Revealed’s Chief Happiness Mentor, I’m going to share ancient wisdom concepts and life-skills to turn your life into one of fulfillment and happiness. Learning everything from your ancient heroic type to an amazingly restorative mediation you do lying down (oh, ya!) supports a complete re-programing of your concepts of who you are, why you are here, and how to be happy.

Bliss Revealed Unmani Saraswati weights

As someone searching for happiness and a deeper meaning to life, You need to Focus on getting a healthy body, strong mind, and happy heart–but how?

The My Bliss PathTM program is a series of step by step, self-paced online courses including video lectures, written materials, and loads of Bliss! (HINT: My free workshop is the perfect place to start your My Bliss PathTM journey.)

Manuela Perez

"Unmani’s courses are the best investment you can make in yourself."

 Manuela Perez, Design Strategist,

Matt Lucas

"Unmani has infinite energy and devotion to this work."

 Matt Lucus, Martial Arts Teacher,

Kate Wees

"I wish I'd learned these wisdom teachings in high school!"

Kate Wees, Dharma Lifestyle Teacher

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