My Mission

The Gist


1. My name is Unmani Saraswati (OON muh nee, suh ruhs VAH tee); my name is a gift from my first spiritual teacher.

Fun fact: This is the fourth name I’ve had in my life. I change my name like other people change their hairdos.


2. My childhood was a perfectly nice, middle-class situation, with its typical challenges and dysfunction, which lead me to try fixing my life by becoming a high school drop-out and partier. (Uh-oh!)

Fun fact: I rented my first apartment at 16 years old by telling the landlord I was 19; I’ve never lacked hutzpah!


3. I’m a super-smarty pants academically, in everything but abstract mathematics, having attended Phillips-Exeter Academy (dropped out), University of California, Berkeley (high honors), and Golden Gate University School of Law (JD= honors; LLM (tax)= high honors).

Fun fact: In college, I was diagnosed with dyslexia; boy, did that make my intellectual strengths and weaknesses make sense!


4. I’ve been a spiritual seeker since I was a kid and it just seems to never end.

Fun fact:  I started my spiritual journey at 7 years old riding my pink bike with streamers to my neighborhood Baptist church and asking if I could hang out and do stuff with them.


5. I spent 15 years running my own law firm, as a mediator-attorney.

Fun fact:   Well, it was not fun, but it was fulfilling.


6. I am obsessed with playing, watching, and reading about The Beautiful Game, world football.

Fun fact:  I went to the 2014 Brazil Men’s World Cup charging the whole trip to a credit card, much to my friends’ consternation, and right after I got home I got a client whose fees paid for the whole trip.


7. I am super-charged and excited to be Bliss Revealed’s Chief Happiness Mentor and offer everyone on the planet the information which leads me to wake up every day in bliss.

         Fun fact:  I’m totally madly in love with you!!

The Tome

Unmani Saraswati About

I was born in the fall of 1972 in Brunswick, Maine. My parents were at the forefront of the spirit sweeping the country in the late 60s, giving up their tech jobs in Boston at Honeywell, Inc. and working remotely from the country where they had a one-acre garden, canned their own vegetables, bought raw milk from the dairy farm up the road, and otherwise enjoyed the benefits of rural life. Due to my father’s declining mental health, in 1977, we moved back to urban life, settling in South Portland, Maine where my mother became the primary breadwinner for the family, now with four children, as a CPA and later as the Chief Financial Officer of a privately-held corporation.

Unmani Saraswati About

While my mother was busy supporting the family, and taking care of my troubled father, I started to experience health problems leading me to see an endocrinologist and a receive a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Syndrome. When that condition was treated with medication, I continued my childhood as a free-range kid, playing Little League, going to the small elementary school down the street from my house, and conning the family-owned corner store in our neighborhood to cash my milk-money check to buy candy. (Always the rascal!)

Unmani Saraswati About

However, my father’s mental illness only deepened over time, causing me to look outside my home and family-life for answers about what life was all about and how to be happy. I spent a semester attending Phillips Exeter boarding school, but left to return home when my parents divorced. By the age of fourteen I discovered that rebellion—smoking cigarettes, pot, and drinking alcohol—successfully numbed out my feelings of unhappiness and confusion about who I was and what life was all about.

The next five years were a blur…

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