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(But you can pay less if you need to, more if you are able to help others.)

When You Register for This Course, You’ll Receive:


Experience Every Person As A Beautiful Expression of the Enneagram World

When You Register for This Course, You’ll Receive:

  • SIX VIDEO MODULES—with ME where I will walk you through the material step by step.
    • These videos are pre-recorded and available to you on our private, members-only website, 24-hours a day, and since they are 100% online and interactions are not live or scheduled, you can take part whenever works for you.
    • Each module is 15-75 minutes long totaling almost five hours of in-depth training.
      • Which is an over $5,000 value (OMG!) when measured by the cost of that amount of time for my one on one services!
  • HANDOUTS AND HOMEWORK—for every class to help you follow along and best retain what you learn, including a detailed written version of the course’s material and reflection questions and learning exercises to trigger deeper self-assessment.
  • MP3 RECORDINGS—of all the modules so you can listen to them over and over on your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player. These modules are so information rich you’ll be glad to have the recordings.
  • FREE FUTURE UPDATES—your purchase today will enable to access BlissLifeTM forever, so when I update or re-do the course you’ll be able to enjoy the newest version for FREE.
  • QUALIFY FOR THE MASTERCLASS—I’ll be periodically teaching the masterclass of each My Bliss PathTM course, with the pre-requisite that people have purchased and complete the online course first so we can hit the ground running with the goal of deepening our understanding and mastering each course’s ancient wisdom concepts and life skills in a private, confidential environment.
    • Bliss Revealed’s Masterclasses are designed to facilitate a more interactive and real-time learning experience.
  • QUALIFY TO APPLY TO BE ONE OF MY VIP ONE ON ONE CLIENTS—before you can apply for my Six Months to Bliss and other VIP one on one services you have to complete all available My Bliss PathTM courses.

There are no refunds once you have accessed the course online in an effort to keep our time focused on giving you more valuable content rather than working on admin tasks, and also to support your journey towards deep personal responsibility and acceptance of the consequences of your choices. And, I believe this experience will be positive and one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your personal development. For further information please see our Terms of Use.

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